Are you ready for some football? 2018-19 Sherwood Food Distributors Fall Sales Program

We hope so, because the NFL Season has returned and with it a return to our exciting Sherwood Food Distributors Detroit Division Fall Football Sales Spectacular incentive program; one with lots of prizes, competition and FUN! The NFL regular season is 17 weeks long. Each week will be sponsored by a different Sherwood Foods vendor that will offer YOU chances to win gift certificates, prizes and more just for purchasing their products.

Here’s how the program works:

Each week all eligible customers will be given a predetermined quantity of products to purchase. Since we have so many different types of vendors, criteria will be varied from week to week. You’ll start by purchasing that weeks sponsors products and fulfilling that weeks sponsors goals.

All qualifying customers will be given that weeks NFL paring sheets. You will get one paring sheet by simply hitting your goals, a second paring sheet by doubling your goal and so on.

Your challenge will be to simply pick the winners!

  • Fill in your Picks Online though Sherwood
  • Those who picked the most winning teams that week will be awarded that weeks prize.
  • There will be 5 winners each week and they will be announced in a special section of the following weeks SFD weekly flyer as well as an email out to all the participants.


Amazing Prizes: Get in the game now and Win!

Sherwood Football Promotion

The Rules

  • Each store qualifies as an individual. Volume from multiple store chains is not accumulated.
  • Stores can enter as many times as they qualify for.
  • Only one prize per store per week will be awarded.
  • It is the responsibility of the individual sales representative to inform his customer of the particular sponsor’s items and sales period.
  • Only featured items delivered during the sales period will be counted.
  • Sponsor’s sales periods are subject to modification due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Product shortages will not be added to sales criteria. It is viewed as a first come, first serve situation.
  • Eligible customers will be notified on the Tuesday prior to the next week’s games.
  • No verbal selections will be accepted.
  • Contest criteria are subject to change.
  • In the event of ties, the Monday Night Game will be used as the tiebreaker. The first tiebreaker is to pick the winner of the game and the second tiebreaker is the closest in total points without going over. Tiebreaker games do not count in win total.
  • All entries must be submitted Online Only at before 4PM EST on Thursdays prior to the games. A valid email address is required to submit your picks.
  • Your SFD Sales Associate will inform you of how many picks you have and the link to the picks for the week.
  • Contest criteria are subject to change.
  • All prizes may be subject to applicable Federal, State or Local taxes.
  • All prizes are subject to change; prize value will be of equal or greater value.

A Chance to Win Amazing Prizes Every Week

Five chances to win each week. One First Place winner and four second tier winners.


Prize List
My Sherwood Sales Associate

Get in the game! Contact your Sherwood Food Distributors Sales Associate.